Why the U S supports Israel by Yusuf…

Why the U.S. supports Israel

by Yusuf Mansur

August 18, 2006

Amman – The United States has veto many of the UN Security Council resolution that limits the hegemony of Israel, the Jewish state to supply more aid per population than any country in the world, mempersenjatainya with the banned weapons to other countries, and apparently will remain biased towards Israel. Love is not blind to Israel is encouraged by public opinion polls in the U.S., nor based on deep understanding of its citizens, ordinary Americans, about the Middle East. He is the manifestation of the power of the American Committee on Israeli Society, better known as AIPAC, or Israel lobby.

Unbeknownst to the Arabs almost everywhere, ordinary Americans do not know much about the Middle East, about Palestine, Iraq or Lebanon. Before 11 / 9, ordinary Americans do not know much about the region and still not know enough.

Americans elect their representatives in Congress and Senate to represent their voices, and only concerned with domestic politics and policy. In democracies, unlike dictatorship where everyone is a political expert, people hand over political affairs into the hands of politicians and continue their lives. When choosing a president, the economy became the first consideration.

Arab nations generally, who view the U.S. really bias about Israel, not to understand this fact to ignore the goals that they believe is true, ultimately blame the American people. To explain the vicious U.S. policy towards Israel, the Arabs created a conspiracy of America and talking about the American desire to control oil and their territory. Arabs finally take a shortcut approach, called the American people a big demon, an accusation which is unfounded.

What Arabs generally fail to understand is that U.S. public opinion does not mean anything, their goal is really not important, and that every action and lobby them, if not directed to the U.S. political machine, will be able to bring any changes. The American public really do not know, do not want to know, and even if they know, their attitude will be indifferent as in Europe. It is a sad conclusion but true. EU countries, because one of causes is their proximity to the area, know more about the problem and are usually less affected by biased media coverage and views, but most only provide a mere promise. European support is not transformed into support for Arab goals correct as the implementation of UN Resolution 242, the withdrawal of troops from occupied territories, and the cessation of violence against Lebanon. A pro-Arab public opinion in the U.S. at best can only give the same results and sympathy.

What is needed is actually a U.S. government that supports a variety of Arab goals. The answer can be found in a form similar to AIPAC, the power behind the power of Israel. Founded in 1953 as a Committee of the American Zionist Society, with the aim of writing to lobby against the U.S. Congress on issues and legislation that supports the best interests of Israel and the United States, AIPAC, with membership now reaches 100,000 people, meets regularly with members of Congress and carry out various activities in which they can share views with them. He analyzed the voting records of U.S. federal representatives and senators to consider how they voted for the legislation relating to Israel, he never forgot or forgave, and he only supports congressional candidates who support Israel. Between 1978 and 2000, AIPAC has directly contributed nearly U.S. $ 35 million to 1732 congressional candidates. Official assistance from U.S. to Israel since 1948 has exceeded U.S. $ 103 billion.

AIPAC’s power is manifested in obtaining support for Israel in the Congress and White House administration since the 1960s. The candidates for Congress and those still serving a pro-Israel receive campaign funding and positive publicity through affiliations countless AIPAC, channels and media organizations, while the politicians who do not support policies favorable to Israel became the target to be replaced by those who are pro-Israel. AIPAC never forget; to blacklisted someone needs to be done is to vote that do not support for a pro-Israel policy. Support in a variety of campaigns that lasted tight can determine the outcome. Members of Congress know this and they hear and act on those reasons. Society does not care about how their representatives vote in the Middle East issues just because these issues are not important to them and do not affect their daily lives.

Aware of the power of AIPAC and its ability to mobilize the members of Congress, the White House to draw the line if no domestic legislation is important will never be approved. When the difference is tight, every vote in Congress became critical. When a U.S. president has an agenda of issues in the Middle East, he knew that the support of Congress can be obtained through AIPAC. When a president takes a tough stand against Israel, he knew that the domestic agenda will face more obstacles than he can handle in Congress. Even worse, when the re-election comes, he will suffer defeat if it does not support Israel. In short, is a political suicide to oppose AIPAC, especially for the White House a weak government.

Therefore, the Arabs should not be surprised when on July 18, the Senate unanimously supported a non-binding resolution “condemning Hamas and Hezbollah and the countries of their sponsors and supports Israel’s right to self-defense.” According to former Councilor
National Security in the Carter administration, Zbigniew Brzezinski, AIPAC arguably wrote the resolution.

The conclusion is that if the Arabs want a fairer chance of the U.S. government they should have a lobby that is equally effective and powerful in Washington, rather than relying on public opinion. U.S. public opinion is irrelevant – he never meant, and it already happened long ago.


Yusuf Mansur is the managing partner Envision Consulting Group (EnConsult) and former CEO of the Jordan Agency for Enterprise and Investment Development (JAED). This article is distributed by the Common Ground News Service (CGNews) and can be accessed at http://www.commongroundnews.org.

Source: Jordan Times, August 8, 2006
Visit the website http://www.jordantimes.com
Distributed by the Common Ground News Service – Partners in Humanity (CGNews-PIH).
Copyright permission has been obtained for publication.



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