AIPAC American Israel Public Affairs Committee Obama has…

AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee)

Obama has officially become the 44th U.S. president. This Obama phenomenon into conversation and lively discussion in Indonesia. Even be used as material in one of the tv debate in Indonesia about the pros and cons of Obama. It’s the first of his childhood in Indonesia has made Obama became popular in Indonesia. Is it true that Obama will bring change to the Islamic world and developing countries? In a chance at AIPAC Policy Conference June 4, 2008 (pdf version here), many in saying that U.S. policy in general will continue to support Israel. Protecting the existence of the state of Israel and will continue to maintain its security. In addition, Obama has taken inspiration in the story about the land promised to the Jews as a child. There was no denying that the president of the United States policy is always influenced by Zionist Jews.

The Jews in the U.S. which is only two percent of the total American population, has the strength and infiltration is very large in this country. They control most of the mass media and financial resources in the U.S.. They use that power to control the U.S. government and the White House forced the government to comply with all their will. Those American Jews who have great power was incorporated in the Zionist lobby organizations. Through these organizations, the Zionists played an important role in the body menginfiltras U.S. government and influence decision making American officials, particularly in the case of Palestine and the Middle East crisis, including a role also urged Americans to continue to give full support to the Zionist regime.

Among the most famous groups and Zionist influence in America is the American-Israel Public Committee, which summarily called AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee). The group was founded in 1951 and its activities are not so developed so that the decade of 1970. But throughout the last two decades, gradually AIPAC successfully strengthen its position among the various groups of American Zionists. Now, the organization has expanded to become the second largest lobbying organization in America and the largest lobby in between the institutions lobby in America that focuses its activities to a foreign country. Budget AIPAC reaches about 35 million dollars and its headquarters building located next to the U.S. Congress.

AIPAC has been successful to infiltration of the important parts of political decision-making body and the American economy. Zionist institutions is even exempt from tax liabilities and obtain special facilities from the government. AIPAC provides support to extremist views in the body of the Zionist regime and looks more pro views of Ariel Sharon’s Likud Party leader (prime minister before Olmert).

In other words, AIPAC trying to gain support from American politicians to groups of Ariel Sharon. Zionist institutions has even created a political atmosphere in the U.S. that do not allow the existence of any protest against the Zionist regime. The organization also succeeded in creating an unwritten rule that the smallest protest against the Zionist regime is a form of insult to all Jews and accused perpetrators can anti-Jewish or anti-semitism.

American mass media today largely under censorship and surveillance that AIPAC did not exist any articles contrary to the policy of Tel Aviv. It was supported by the fact that most American media networks are owned by Jews. That is why we find that generally, news, reports, and films that they release always side with the Zionist regime. Meanwhile, other mass media who dared to protest the Zionist regime will be adversely affected.

With this kind of AIPAC Zionist organization, do not be surprised if most Americans do not know the true nature of the occupation of the Zionist regime against the Palestinian people or the violation of laws and international regulations are carried out by Tel Aviv. In fact, the American mass media is always trying to display the image that the Palestinians are terrorists.

Very active member of AIPAC’s influence senators and members of Congress. They do a lot of meetings with members of Congress. AIPAC also held meetings with congressional candidates to assess their views, and pledged financial support to candidates for Congress that if they are willing to help launch a support for the Zionists. Every member of Congress who had elected for the first time, will be invited to visit the Palestinian occupied by AIPAC. There, they will receive more extensive explanation about the political views of Tel Aviv.

Moreover, AIPAC also monitor the performance of every member of Congress relating to the Zionist regime and the Middle East as a whole. Every member of Congress who rated 95 percent favorable regime will be considered a friend. Conversely, in the view of AIPAC, a congressman or senator who has a hard stance against the Zionists, will be regarded as opponents. These people may simply not be elected again at the next election because it will dijegal by AIPAC.

Case Cyntia Kitty Mac is the best example in this regard. He is a member of Congress from the state of Georgia who protested the infiltration of the Zionist regime against the internal affairs of America. But in the next round, Kitty Mac can not be stepped back to Congress due jegalan AIPAC. Ways used by AIPAC in this case is to give support to rival the Mac Kitty in the election.

In these circumstances, do not be surprised if members of Congress almost always approve various regulations and resolutions under the influence of AIPAC lobby which all are supportive of Tel Aviv. For example, at a time when many state and public institutions, including the International Court of The Hague, condemned the making of the Zionist separation wall on Palestinian land, even the U.S. Congress supports the move was not legal.

Professor Joan Cool, professor of history University of Michigan in this case says, “In a crisis between the Arabs and Israel, AIPAC and its allies can do the most comprehensive censorship of Congress. None of the members of the Senate or Congress who dared give voice to criticize Israeli policies, including in cases that clearly show that the Zionist regime has violated international law and security council resolutions.

The role of AIPAC in the U.S. presidential election is also very clear. The role was so prominent, to the point that U.S. presidential candidate before elections are forced to make an announcement over and over again that he is a supporter of the Zionist regime. U.S. Election ago also showed that John Kerry and George W. Bush are both expressed full support to the Zionists in order to get more votes. (Swara

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