Libyan Crisis Gaddafi Libya Oil eyeing West Fajar…

Libyan Crisis
Gaddafi: Libya Oil eyeing West

Fajar Nugraha

Thursday, March 10, 2011 13:56 PM

Tripoli – Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi has accused the West intends to follow Libya’s oil control their desire to give sanctions on Libya.
During the conflict in Libya at this time, western countries really want a strict action against Libya.

“The state continues to make a colonialist plot to embarrass the people of Libya, herded them into slavery and want to control our oil,”he accused Gaddafi in an interview with national television, as quoted by AFP on Thursday (10/03/2011).

Back Gaddafi has accused Al Qaeda terrorist network was behind all forms of popular resistance that entailed the riots, which started since 15 February. He urged the opposition groups that have been freed in Benghazi in the influence of the opposition.

Meanwhile, fighting between troops Gaddafi with opposition groups are still happening today. Last incident occurred when an oil installation in the As-Sidra, which is located approximately 10 kilometers west of Ras city Lanouf.

Luckily the explosion was only about a small-sized oil installations.
“The explosion happened just about the storage place is small and does not affect the production line. Installation of diesel fuel that contains no crude oil,” said company chief Shukri Ghanem Libyan oil.

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