Welcome to Muslimah Writers Alliance and thank you…

Welcome to Muslimah Writers Alliance, and thank
you for taking the time to visit our website to learn

more about MWA.

Established in 2006, MWA is an
internationally based-collaboration of Muslim women
writers and advocates working together to counter
negative and inaccurate perceptions regarding
members of the Muslim community
and the Islamic faith.
Applying Islamic principles, boundless enthusiasm,
experience, and resourcefulness to every project
embraced, MWA members are dedicated
to seeking the pleasure of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala
through their efforts and to one another’s success.
Muslimah Writer’s Alliance (MWA) was
organized with the goal of offering Muslim
women writer’s information, tools,
resources and opportunities for the
purpose of supporting one another’s
aspirations to write!

MWA members will offer collective
guidance and supportive of one another’s

MWA members will be provided resources
through which they can fine-tune their
writing skills.

MWA members will offer recognition of
member achievements and will endeavor
to promote one another’s work.

MWA members will be offered and will
actively work together to promote
offerings of opportunities for writing
projects or assignments.

MWA members will at all times treat one
another with the most excellent manner of
Islamic adhab.

MWA is open to Muslim and Non-Muslim
women alike, however, while it is
categorically structured to support Muslim
women in particular, MWA is not to be
considered by its membership as just
another place to copy and paste, or
forward a deluge of Islamically related
materials. There are other groups for that

If you are requesting membership for any
purpose other than your interest in any of
the above referenced goals, please do not

MWA welcomes all women with an interest
in, aptitude for, or aspiration to write!
Join today!



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