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‘Lost’ Against the Qur’an, Dr. Jeffrey Lang Islam Accept

Monday, March 7, 2011, 19:27 GMT

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID-Since childhood, Dr. Jeffrey Lang was known to know. He often questioned the logic of things and examine anything on the basis of rational perspective. “Father, heaven exist?” Asked Jeffrey small one time to his father about the existence of heaven, when they walk along their dogs on the beach. It is no surprise when Jeffrey Lang later became a professor of mathematics, an area where there is no place other than logic.

As a student last year at the Notre Dam Boys High, a Catholic high school, Jeffrey Lang has a rational objections against belief in the existence of God. Discussions with the school chaplain, her parents, and fellow classmates can not satisfy her about the existence of God. “God will make you downcast, Jeffrey!” Said his father when he denied the existence of God at the age of 18.

He finally decided to become an atheist at the age of 18, which lasted for 10 years during their college S1, S2, and S3, until finally embraced Islam.

It is some time before or after deciding to be atheist, Jeffrey Lang had a dream. The following narrative Jeffrey Lang about his dream:

We are in a room without furniture. Nothing on the walls of the room was a white, slightly gray.

The only ‘decoration’ is the dominant red-patterned carpet that covered the floor white. There is a small window, like the basement window, which is located above and facing us. Bright light filled the room through the window.

We formed a row. I was in the third row. Everything man, no woman, and we all sat on the floor above our heels, facing the window.

It felt foreign. I do not know anyone. Perhaps, I was in another State. We ducked in unison, we face facing the floor. Everything is calm and quiet, like all the sound turned off. We once again we sit on our heels. As I look ahead, I realized we were led by someone in front who was in my left side, in the midst of us, under the window. He stands alone. I can only see a short back. He wore a long white robe. He was wearing a white shawl on her head, with red designs. That’s when I woke up.

Throughout ten years of being an atheist, Jeffrey Lang several times experienced the same dream. However, he was not disturbed by the dream. He only feels comfortable when awake. A strange feeling of comfort. He did not know what it is. There is no logic behind it, and therefore he did not care even though the dream was repeated.

Ten years later, when he first lectured at the University of San Francisco, he met Muslim students who follow class. Not only with the student, Jeffrey was not long before a friendship with the family of the student. Religion is not a topic of discussion when Jeffrey spent time with the family of the student. Until after a while one family member gives the student the Koran to Jeffrey.

Although not currently intend to know Islam, Jeffrey began flipping through the Koran and read it. At that moment his head is full of prejudice.

“You can not just read the Koran, can not if you do not take it seriously. You must, first, it really has surrendered to the Koran, or both, ‘challenging’, “said Jeffrey.

He then found himself in the midst of the struggle is very interesting. “It (the Koran) ‘attack’ you, directly, personally. He (the Qur’an) argue, criticize, make (you) embarrassed, and challenging. From the beginning it (the Qur’an), incised lines of war, and I was in the opposite region. ”

“I suffer from severe defeat (in battle). From there it became clear that the writer (the Koran) to know me better than myself, “said Jeffrey. He said if the author read her mind. Every evening he prepared a number of questions and objections, but always found the answer at the next reading, as he read page after page of the Koran in sequence.

“The Qur’an was always way ahead of my thinking. He remove the obstacle that I have built many years ago and answer my question. “Jeffrey tried to fight hard with objections and questions, but it became clear he had lost the struggle. “I was led to a corner where no one other than an option.”

It was the early 1980s and not many Muslims on campus, the University of San Francisco. Jeffrey found a small room in the basement of a church where a number of Muslim students to pray. After a long struggle in his mind, he ventured to visit the place.

A few hours visiting the place, he found himself saying the shahada. After the creed, prayer times dzuhur arrived and he was invited to participate. He stood in rows with other students, led by priests called Ghassan. Jeffrey began to follow their prayers in congregation.

Jeffrey joined prostrate. His head was stuck on the red carpet and white. The atmosphere is calm and quiet, like all the sound turned off. He then returned to sit in between the two prostrations.

“As I look ahead, I could see Ghassan, on my left side, in the middle, under the window which lit up the room with light. He was alone, without a row. He wore a long white robe. Shawl (scarf) covering her head white, with red designs. ”

“The dream! I screamed to myself. Dream it, exactly! I had completely forgotten, and now I am stunned and afraid. Is this a dream? Will I be awake? I tried to focus on what’s going to make sure I sleep. The cold flow quickly through my body. Oh God, this is real! So chill is gone, replaced by warmth that comes from within. My tears streaming. ”

Greeting his father ten years ago proved. He is now on his knees, and his face stuck to the floor. The highest part of her brain that had been contained all the knowledge and intellect are now at their lowest, in a total submission to Allah SWT.

Jeffrey Lang was God himself who led him to Islam. “I know God is always near, directing my life, create an environment and opportunity to vote, but still leaving the crucial choices to me,” said Jeffrey now.

Jeffrey is now professor of mathematics department of University of Kansas and has three children. He wrote three books are widely read by U.S. Muslims: Struggling to Surrender (Beltsville, 1994); Even Angels Ask (Beltsville, 1997); and Losing My Religion: A Call for Help (Beltsville, 2004). He lectured at many campuses and a speaker at many Islamic conferences.

He has three children, and not a surprise his son have the same curiosity. Jeffrey is now must face the same questions which he used to catapult to his father. One day he was asked by his daughter who was eight years old, Jameelah, their after Asr prayer in congregation. “Daddy, why do we pray?”

“The question surprised me. No thought came from children aged eight years. I know it’s the most obvious answer, that Muslims are obliged to pray. But, I do not want to waste the opportunity to share experiences and benefit from prayer. However, after preparing the answers in my head, I started with, ‘We pray because God wants us to do it’, ”

“But why, father, what is the result of prayer?” James asked again. “It’s hard to explain to a child, dear. One day, if you do pray five times every day, I’m sure we’ll understand, but the father will try our best to answering your questions. ”

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