Helen Thomas Mastering the Jewish Zionist White House…

Helen Thomas: Mastering the Jewish Zionist White House, Wall Street, Congress And Hollywood

Saturday, 04/12/2010 5:31 pm | email | print

Veteran White House reporter who was fired for criticizing Israel, Helen Thomas says that during this full-Zionist control of foreign policy and other U.S. agencies.

More details Helen Thomas, said Israel could never be criticized in the United States because the Zionist control of American foreign policy and its key institutions.

“I can call anyone the U.S. president, but I can not touch Israel, which has a Jewish streets in the West Bank,” said Thomas.

90-year-old columnist, said that the White House, Congress, Wall Street and Hollywood all owned by the Zionists.

“Congress, Wall Street, White House, and Hollywood, owned by Zionists. There’s no question, in my opinion, “he said.

Jewish groups called the comments Thomas’unfair and bigoted. They also condemned the statement of Helen Thomas. (sa / presstv)



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