Is George Bush Jewish?

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The Fifth Column

Orthodox Catholic commentary on current events
Wednesday, September 15, 2004
Is George Bush Jewish?

In 1905, the Russian secret police released an earth-shattering document. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was promulgated throughout Europe. It purported to be the transcript of a meeting between Jewish leaders in which they plotted to take over the world and subjugate the goyim, the Gentiles, to their rapacious rule.

By 1920, the document was demonstrated to be a forgery, yet many people throughout the world continued to believe it. “The document may be a forgery, but the attitudes it reports concerning Jewish leaders is absolutely accurate,” went the logic. Indeed, Henry Ford continued to publicize the document as substantially accurate through 1927. The Nazis used it as a justification for their anti-Semitic policies. The substantial truth of the document is commonly accepted by Middle-Eastern Arabs even today.

Telling these people the document is a forgery makes no difference at all. They live near Jews. They work beside Jews every day. They know what Jews are like. The document is forged but you must believe what the document says. Listen to me. I know.

Take another example. As anyone who has read The Da Vinci Code knows, the same thing happened with Dan Brown’s novel. Sure, his facts are completely wrong – he doesn’t get one statement of historical fact correct in his book. But even though he got every fact wrong, forged and invented all the evidence, none of that matters.
We know what those damned papists are like. We’ve had their ilk infesting this country since the beginning. The novel’s description of the Catholic attitude is substantially accurate. The facts in the novel are forged but you must believe what the novel says. Listen to me. I know.

Now for today’s headlines. Sure, says Killian’s 86-year old former secretary, those documents are forgeries. He never would have typed them himself and my typewriter could not produce these documents. Even if they could, the language is wrong and the format is wrong – I was his secretary and I never would have formatted them that way, but…

But what?

…but the content is substantially correct.

Like the Arabs who live near Jews, like the non-Catholics who live near Catholics, I know the principle people involved. The documents are forged, but the CBS interpretation of the document is true. The documents are forged but you must believe what the documents say. Listen to me. I know.

Faith may be the evidence of things not seen, but faith is based on facts, not forgeries. What the media don’t understand is precisely that faith is never a blind leap. If I order a Big Mac from McDonald’s, I have made an act of faith. I believe I will get something I want to eat. That act of faith is based on facts: the fact that this is a restaurant, that it has a menu of food items, that people are waiting to take my order, and that it is in business today – a testament to the fact that others have eaten here and been satisfied with the food. These facts all point to the idea that I, too, might be able to get good food here.

Do I know I will? Not with absolute certainty. The cooks might be new today, they might be having a bad day, it may be that my tastes do not match those of other people – I might not like the food. I won’t know I do until I bite into the sandwich. The “thing not seen” is that first taste, but I only got to the point of tasting because the preponderance of evidence pointed that way.

If I walked into a hardware store, saw everyone buying tools, nuts, bolts, heard the clerk telling someone how to install a kitchen sink and then asked that clerk for a hamburger, large fries and strawberry milkshake, THAT would be an act of blind faith. I would have absolutely no facts to support my belief that the clerk will feed me. If, in fact, he DOES give me what I ask for, that would be a miracle. No religious believer operates on blind faith. We all operate on informed faith: facts which require us to logically hypothesize that something more is coming our way, something we can prepare for if only we stay in close touch with reality.

The MainStream Media doesn’t understand the difference between faith and blind faith. It is deeply ironic that when the MSM gets religion, they push the blind faith version. “Believe us, even if we have no case. Believe us because we tell you that you should.”

They think this will work because they think that’s how people get duped into religion. As Stalin said, keep repeating the lie until everyone is forced to conclude that it is true. And he must be right. Look how well it worked for the Soviet Union.

Posted by Steve Kellmeyer at 11:18 AM


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